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Seafood Sensation

Seafood specialties at Hai Tien Lo showcase the finest ingredients from the ocean, expertly prepared to perfection. From the succulent Chilean sea bass in black bean sauce to wok-fried prawns with salted egg yolk, our seafood dishes exemplify the harmonious marriage of freshness and culinary finesse, ensuring a memorable dining experience that embodies the essence of Hai Tien Lo.

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Dim Sum Delights

Elevating dim sum to an art form, Hai Tien Lo presents a tantalizing selection of bite-sized treasures. From delicate har gow (shrimp dumplings) to savory siu mai (pork dumplings), each dim sum dish is meticulously crafted,

Our dedication is to ensure your dining experience at Hai Tien lo is worry-free.

At Hai Tien Lo, each dish is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. From succulent Peking duck to delicate dim sum, our menu is a symphony of flavors, textures, and aromas that promise to tantalize your senses and leave a lasting impression. At Hai Tien Lo, we believe that food is not just sustenance; it’s an art form, a celebration of culture, and an expression of love for our guests, ensuring every bite is a memorable experience.

Enjoying the Finest of Singapore at Hai Tien Lo Restaurant

Exploring the Diverse and Delicious Flavors at Hai Tien lo.

Hai Tien Lo Restaurant in Singapore is a fancy place that serves really yummy Chinese food. It’s right in the middle of the city and has a menu with lots of tasty dishes like dumplings and crispy duck. When you go there, you’ll see it’s super nice inside, and the people who work there are really polite. So, if you want to try delicious Chinese food in Singapore, Hai Tien Lo is the place to go!

Elevate Your Palate with Hai Tien Lo

Hai Tien Lo Restaurant takes pride in its star attraction, the Peking Duck. This special dish is the absolute highlight of the restaurant, considered a true culinary masterpiece. It’s a must-try for anyone looking to have an unforgettable dining experience at Hai Tien Lo.

hai tien lo

Peking Duck

Hai Tien Lo’s signature Peking Duck is a must-try, known for its crispy skin and tender meat, served with traditional condiments and pancakes.

Lobster Noodles

Lobster Noodles dish features succulent lobster meat served atop a bed of flavorful noodles, creating a harmonious blend of taste and texture.

hai tien lo

Stir-Fried Beef

Savor tender slices of beef stir-fried to perfection in a savory black pepper sauce, offering a delightful blend of spicy and savory flavors.

Crispy Soft-Shell Crab

Crispy Soft-Shell Crab

Crispy soft-shell crab seasoned with a delectable mix of salt and pepper, creating a satisfying crunchy texture with a burst of flavor.

Braised Abalone with Seasonal Greens at Hai Tien Lo

Dive into an ocean of flavor with our delectable dish, “Braised Abalone with Seasonal Greens.” Succulent abalone, simmered to perfection, pairs harmoniously with fresh, seasonal greens. It’s a seafood delight that promises a taste of the sea with every bite.

Customer Reviews about Hai Tien Lo

Hai Tien Lo
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Fely GrabatoFely Grabato
23:08 23 May 24
Li koonLi koon
14:01 16 May 24
The service is great. Thecdeco is nice. The food is well executed although the salt control could be better.
13:46 16 May 24
Duck skin and pork skin is nice.However the fried rice with duck meat cannot make it. I think they forgot to put seasoning on the fried rice.Har gao is nice and big. But the yam Dian xin is also a mixture of ingredients that isn’t to my liking.Gave service 3 stars as the servers are heard chit chatting like they are at their pantry. Also the lap napkins provided is worn out. Maybe they can replace with new ones already.Nothing really fancy me here
Pam KongPam Kong
20:21 05 May 24
Been awhile since my last visit, the tea smoked chicken was fab and dim sum was delish too.
Ashleigh NgAshleigh Ng
13:58 27 Apr 24
Quality food and great portioning. Ruby room has their own toilet which is quiet exclusive and nice.
Kevin KWKevin KW
15:01 16 Mar 24
Came for dinner at hai tien lo. The set menu was curated and was excellent! The plating and the taste was amazing and is some of the best Chinese food I have had in a long whileService was great and attentiveReally recommend and definitely do book in advance
Debbie TanDebbie Tan
02:46 16 Mar 24
Very good meal and lovely plating. Service was prompt. Will come by again.
Angela TanAngela Tan
07:00 15 Mar 24
4-4.5 stars with the set dinner.Fine dining with great service. Food wise some hits some misses.Ingredients are fresh but perhaps should not have wasted the fresh lobsters by deep frying it. Fish was quite meh. Dessert was innovative with pop corn. But could have put in more effort to come up with a more interesting dessert.Personally I like the first dish. Duck was very fragrant n the salted egg dish was good. Soup is full of ingredients n tasty too.
Joanna TeoJoanna Teo
02:57 09 Mar 24
Food is good. But expected better service for the price - we paid a thousand for 6 pax - even the service at dintaifung/good old crystal jade is better. The restaurant wasn’t busy but we had to wait a long time to get our order taken, and taken by a staff with lousy attitude, who was condescending when I asked him questions about the menu. At one point when I asked him to please stand aside for a moment so he’s not in our family photo, he responded with “excuse me, we have to work here” (in mandarin). Used to come here rather often before the restaurant moved to the 3rd floor, but what’s with the service now?? Disappointing experience, not to mention we were here for an important occasion.
S WunS Wun
09:06 25 Feb 24
Feb 2024: was here for a business CNY lunch and the service staff were flexible to serve the soup first as not all the guests were on time. We then had the lo hei thereafter. Food was good and timed well.
Vanessa TanVanessa Tan
12:43 12 Feb 24
I am happy that they had vegetarian option.So I chose vegetarian set meal. My family chose non vegetarian set meal as the restaurant only served set meal during CNY 2024.The food is alright. Service is good and the food served is fast.Overall the pricing is expensive .
Koh RoyKoh Roy
09:00 11 Feb 24
Food is great.Staff knowledge and service and be improved.Atmosphere is great for a place like this
Warren OngWarren Ong
16:10 05 Feb 24
Had a business dinner with multiple courses and lohei. The food served is generally good with since unique dishes that’s yummy and healthy. Ingredients are fresh and portions served are pretty reasonable, just can’t justify the quality / taste of food to match the premium price charged here, hence I can’t give the perfect stars here. Service is excellent with the staff being proactive and professional. Atmosphere is top class and a perfect place and setting for business meals.
Willy ChooWilly Choo
12:49 03 Feb 24
05:40 28 Jan 24
am writing to express my disappointment and frustration with the policy of your hotel regarding the redemption of privilege points for dining at Hai Tien Lo.I am a loyal customer of your hotel and have accumulated a significant amount of privilege points over the years. I was looking forward to using them to enjoy a dinner at Hai Tien Lo, one of your acclaimed restaurants, during the Chinese New Year period.However, I was informed by your staff that I could not use my privilege points to redeem the Chinese set menus, as they were considered promotional items. This was not clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the privilege points program, nor in the advertisements for the Chinese New Year dining options. The only promotional items that were explicitly mentioned were the Chinese New Year cakes and cookies, which I had no interest in.I find this policy to be unfair and misleading, as the Chinese set menus are not promotional items, but seasonal menus that reflect the festive occasion. I feel that I have been deprived of the opportunity to use my privilege points for something that I value and enjoy.
T S LeeT S Lee
14:27 22 Jan 24
Visited this restaurant for our birthday celebration.As we had dined here before, the food, as usual, has never fail to impress.We enjoyed the dishes we ordered though the presentation could be better.The service provided by Kelvin and Lee Mee were great. Many thanks to both.
biyan ttbiyan tt
01:14 21 Jan 24
Food quality was generally excellent: presentation; taste; and colours. Only gripe was that one stall of mushroom tasted sourish (quality control).Service speed and attentiveness were excellent.First lo-hei for the year of the dragon 🐉
06:03 13 Jan 24
They have a huge variety of food and the portions seem bigger than other places. However the food quality is quite average, seems to be catered to older crowd as most of the customers I saw were older age group.Their service is very average as well. Similar restaurants in malls, which is quite bad considering this is in a hotelWould rate this a 3 star but bring it to 2 to normalizeTheir dim sums were mostly a miss except the siew mai, they were quite good.Deep fried seafood with vermicelli - was normal, could get it anywhere elsePuff with chilli crab meat - chilli crab spice is a little overpoweringSteam scallops dumplings with spinach - dumpling skin was stuck to the paper, taste wise is normalSiew mai - interesting twist with quail egg and you do not taste the dry yolk that usually comes with quail egg. Can try this even for people who don’t like quail egg.Char siew bun - can give this a miss, the pork is quite average and bun is mushyDuck were fresh and very soft and tender. However their wraps are a little too thick and have too much moisture that caused the duck skin to not be crispy anymore.Suckling pig skin’s crispiness is on point but is a little too porkyThe double boiled chicken soup has an interesting taste since it’s cooked with coconut water but the seafood they use here don’t taste fresh and their abalone is quite chewy. Not worth the price at all.
Gary QuanGary Quan
15:39 11 Jan 24
wong stanleywong stanley
05:39 04 Jan 24
Place was good. Staff were very helpful. Food was good.
23:35 30 Dec 23
Our first visit at Hai Tien Lo and the experience simply awesome. Lan Fang is very thoughtful and helpful. He make sure we don’t over ordered the dishes. Will definitely visit again
wong stanleywong stanley
13:11 30 Dec 23
14:50 26 Dec 23
Ordered the 6 course set meal. Seemed rather pricey initially, but gosh was I in for a treat. Every dish was tip top. For starters, duck was good, fried oysters were succulent and prawn was juicy on the inside. Buddha jump over the wall was awesomely flavourful, with so much oomph in the soup. Sea perch was of superb texture. Not too soft nor hard. Tender yet firm. Every bite was a delight. Lobster was well done, flesh came of with a swoosh of the fork, and was accompanied by flavourful thick sauce. Vermicelli was about right served with 2 large scallops and some crabmeat. Nice. Dessert was a generous serving of mango pomelo with a scoop of ice cream. Overall have nothing to fault. Everything was executed to perfection. Only thing was the place was rather open. And tables a little close to each other. Else, all good.
jeongin Kimjeongin Kim
04:36 26 Dec 23
The best Chinese restaurant in my lifeAll the dishes are great and the prices are great. Compared to the service, the best experienceBe sure to go there
Flashing LightFlashing Light
20:30 24 Dec 23
Service is decent, very friendly staff, went for a late dinner, food was relatively quick. All five dishes came out one after another, can’t complain about the quality, recommend fried tofu with abalone and black peper beef cube Only if they have a better view then it’ll be perfect.
Mihwa LeeMihwa Lee
01:04 24 Dec 23
Exquisite dimsum. Lunch only dimsum menu includes classic dimsum made fancy and interesting new items too. Beautifully presented by highly attentive service staff.A treat to pamper yourself.
Wai chee ChooWai chee Choo
01:02 23 Dec 23
Herbert LauHerbert Lau
11:40 22 Dec 23
Russell ChanRussell Chan
13:40 20 Dec 23
Young ChooYoung Choo
08:11 17 Dec 23
Nice Chinese food can be found here.
Patrick PohPatrick Poh
05:26 16 Dec 23
Enjoyed almost everything except maybe the duck noodles which tasted very much like wantan mee with duck. But all other dishes were really good! Especially the chilli crab layered fritters and the fried shrimp with beancurd skin. Hoping to be back soon.
05:03 16 Dec 23
Pleasantly surprised by the taste, freshness and quality of the dim sum here. Limited variety but definitely satisfying. Will be back!
James KJames K
01:52 16 Dec 23
Great experience
09:29 10 Dec 23
LiV3 LiFeLiV3 LiFe
08:15 03 Dec 23
Hai Tien Lo is located at Level 3 in Pan Pacific Hotel. It is at the same level as the Edge buffet place. This place serves Chinese cuisine. Went for lunch and there are various lunch set options. Selected the Lily lunch menu and the vegetarian lunch set menu. Lunch is ok, food is served hot. Fried rice is tasty but as it is a set lunch, you probably will be full before the fried rice is being served. Good service nevertheless.
reagen tanreagen tan
16:00 01 Dec 23
Recently just tried dinner at Hai Tien Lou as sadly my favourite Si Chuan Dou Hua Kitchener has closed. Quite happy to find that this place food standard and ingredients quality is fresh and clean.The service provided by Lee Mee, May and Patrick is also commendable.Will definitely return !
Harjanto Huang (Han)Harjanto Huang (Han)
01:23 01 Dec 23
10:48 30 Nov 23
Surprisingly it was very good👍👍
Jeffrey CJeffrey C
07:55 30 Nov 23
One of the better Chinese restaurants.
HF LeiHF Lei
08:24 21 Nov 23
First visit since end of COVID. Nice food👍
Chor Seng TanChor Seng Tan
11:24 18 Nov 23
Visited for a family dinner, service and ambience was excellent, food was decent but not spectacular.
Germaine LinGermaine Lin
06:32 12 Nov 23
Had my wedding here and it was wonderful!John, Apple, Frankie and the team at Hai Tien Lo were very friendly and very attentive to our needs. We felt in completely safe and professional hands, and our wedding proceeded very smoothly.The restaurant was beautiful, perfect for those looking for an intimate and classy chinese wedding. The layout was a little inconvenient as our guests exceeded the private room capacity, but the team was very thoughtful and installed a speaker outside so the guests could hear the activities inside. The sound was a bit uneven, but that cant be helped as it was just one speakerThe food was.. AMAZING. All the guests gave great reviews, which honestly is rare at weddings.Ended our wedding on a sweet note with an overnight stay at the gorgeous Pan Pacific hotel.Thank you to the Hai Tien Lo team for making our special day so much more special
Isaac CheongIsaac Cheong
23:16 08 Nov 23
Great ambience
Jim ChoiJim Choi
10:42 02 Nov 23
SHOULD TRY place .. may be among the best
Lynn LinLynn Lin
16:49 01 Nov 23
Came here for weekday lunch set to celebrate birthday and there is quite a variety to select the different courses (dim sum, main course and vegetables) which makes the set value for money. The Buddha jumped over wall soup was generous with premium ingredients like abalone, scallop, fish maw and Chinese mushroom that could melt in the mouth.For dim sum, the deep fried beancurd skin with prawn paste remained juicy within with each bite. The fried wanton with Japanese sauce is crispy with bonito flakes. Siew mai with truffle is unique with truffle enhancing the flavour.XO sauce scallops is gd with the pairing of crispy lotus chips and soft scallops. Angus beef tenderloin with fried fritters could be better if fried fritters came less burnt. Prawn balls with lemon butter sauce came with springy fresh king prawns.The lunch set is filling for 2 persons and it’s good for first timers who would like to try a variety of dishes. We are pleased with the attentive service in refilling tea, serving dishes, and clearing empty dishes that we did not have to call for the waiter / waitress at all. The lunch ended with a pleasant birthday surprise. Would definitely visit hai tien lo again for the quality food, ambience and prompt service.
Future youFuture you
06:25 31 Oct 23
Ng DavidNg David
08:49 22 Oct 23
Eunice TanEunice Tan
12:22 20 Oct 23
Excellent food, dim sum too. Very good service. Expensive but for very good food & great service, no complaints about the price
apakabhar bagusapakabhar bagus
14:22 19 Oct 23
it is scrumptious! tasty ~the service attitude (Samuel) is friendly, enthusiasm, can spread positive energy.
Soh Hoon TeySoh Hoon Tey
06:22 17 Oct 23
Caroline PohCaroline Poh
13:38 14 Oct 23
Peter WongPeter Wong
17:31 10 Oct 23
13:28 10 Oct 23
I absolutely loved the food, especially the beef and scallops! The Chinese 8-course meal left me completely satisfied, and the service was excellent. The table setup provided a sense of privacy for our group, making the dining experience even more enjoyable
Xingzhi CaiXingzhi Cai
09:43 03 Oct 23
Nice creative and tasty chinese food serving in presentable style and improved my appetite.
14:21 02 Oct 23
Attended a wedding here and this place is worth recommending ! keep up the high standard.
Elicia LeeElicia Lee
09:57 20 Sep 23
Joanna ChuaJoanna Chua
03:20 19 Sep 23
One of my favourite places for dim sum, but this is on the high end list.Food is great, every dish ordered is well prepared.No longer serving dim sum buffet menu from 1 Sep 2023.
Cloud Jooho UmCloud Jooho Um
00:36 17 Sep 23
16:08 16 Sep 23
Eating area is dim, and stiffService and serving of food was shockingly slow in which a multiple dishes had to be checked multiple times & server could not give adequate response or update, shirking responsibility to kitchen. Dish orders were missing/forgotten.It was overall very frustrating and really tested patience when both trying to consistently check and lunch time was unneceasarily extended.It was also difficult to get attention of serverIf you do not know how to speak Chinese, do avoid this place as likely to struggle communicating to serverFood only looks pretty but you can take it as a given that all the main cooked big dishes will have a lot of oil & salt.. best to make special request to excludeDefinitely not worth the $70++ per head when food, service, waiting time was ridiculous.Do get better tasting dim sum or chinese food elsewhere & for cheaper
James PusavatJames Pusavat
08:34 16 Sep 23
Weimin OngWeimin Ong
03:06 19 Aug 23
Came here on a weekday afternoon and it wasn't crowded. Laying out the pros and cons:- Service was lacklustre- Menu is highly misleading- Food was decent to me but nothing mind-blowing - but Hb felt it was very good- Portions were pathetic for the price ($160 for 2 pax) - they literally gave 2 pieces of prawns for the lemon sauce dish. I have been to many dim sum buffets but none as stingy as this- They gave 3 hours of dining time, which is generous- Could have seated us closer to the entrance or tables with a view but we were banished to the far end when it wasn't crowdedGuess it's a good thing they're stopping the dim sum soon 😂
Yong HanYong Han
12:52 07 Aug 23
Came here for birthday dinner and had the Daffodil dinner set which should be popular since many other patrons ordered the same.Would give 6/5 if we could. Food is fantastic. Service is attentive. Ambience is romantic. Price is value for money given the quality of the dishes. All worth it to put up credit card authorisation for the reservation ahead of time.Looking forward to coming back again next time.
06:37 09 Jul 23
Food wise, excellent. Loved every dish from the buffet, everything was brilliant for the food that was served. Could easily say one of the best dimsum, if not the best in sgHowever, what spoiled the review a little bit was the attitude of the server we have encountered. A chinese nationality, slightly balding, male in his 40/50 that served us was not very friendly and his service was not the greatest. Asked him on some of the things in the menu, he has an impatient and rude attitude that makes us feel uncomfortable to call him whenever we need more dishes. We were sitting on the outside of the restaurant (not room). Honestly hai tien lo's food is great, but can be better with better service. My colleague also mentioned that this particular guy served him previously as well, and it was the same rude and unpleasant treatment. I thought whilst having some of the best food in SG, it should be mandatory for service to be top-notch as well. The last time i came here, while being served in the room, the lady serving was a lot better.
Alan LeeAlan Lee
07:18 14 Jun 23
Heard so much about Hai Tien Lo restaurant. Went there for dinner. Fine dining Chinese restaurant to be exact. We ordered the set dinner and we were surprised by each dish. Beautifully displayed in an artistic manner. Each bite of the dish bursting with different tastes and senses to the tongue. Each dish was painstakingly prepared and you could taste the real flavour of the ingredients. No flavour enhancer, natural, genuine taste from the combined ingredients brought out from the chef’s skillful cooking. Check out the photos of the dishes I had. The smoked fried chicken was excellent! You can smell the faint smell of smokiness. The skin so thoroughly fried and wafer thin, dipped into the special sauce, sour, sweet and a hint of spiciness, so freshing, a brilliant combination that brought out a whole new experience to my taste buds and senses. Other dishes were equally surprising and excites my taste and senses. Service was attentive and polite. I will make it a point to come again when the menu changes. I want to be surprised, I want my taste and sense to be excited!

Enjoy Chinese Flavors at Hai Tien Lo

At Hai Tien Lo, we’ve mastered the art of crafting unforgettable dining experiences. Each dish is a masterpiece, a symphony of flavors, textures, and presentation that captivates both the eyes and the palate. Join us on a culinary journey where every bite is a work of art, and every meal is an occasion to remember.

Hai Tien lo 

For any inquiries or reservations, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your satisfaction is our priority at Hai Tien Lo.

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